Jacob Young's New Year Survey

Please let me know what's most important to you and your family as we go into 2024. 

Jacob Young's New Year Survey

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Your Views on National Issues

The Prime Minister set out five priorities for the country:

- Halve Inflation.

- Grow the Economy.

- Reduce National Debt.

- Cut NHS Waiting Lists.

- Stop The Boats.

Which of the Prime Ministers Five Priorities is most important to you?

Your Views on Issues in Redcar & Cleveland

In 2019 we pledged to 'level up' areas in the North. We've secured over £30 million for Redcar Town Centre, and over £40 million for Eston Square, Eston Baths, and other projects in TS6. How important is Levelling Up to you?

This year will be a big year for our Freeport. Already, we've signed off billions of investment from firms like SeAH Wind, British Steel, and will create thousands of jobs with projects like NetZero Teesside. 

There are already over 1000 workers on the site, and we're well on the way to creating the 18,000 well-paid jobs we set out to create. In 2024, there will be even more announcements coming our way of new firms investing in our Freeport, creating jobs for local people.

On a scale of 0-5, how important is the success of our new Freeport to you?

In 2023, our Labour-run Council announced new parking charges across our High Streets, despite opposition from local businesses. In 2024, to park on Redcar or Guisborough High Street, it will cost £1.60 for one hour and an additional £2.20 for every hour after that. Local Conservatives have done all they can to oppose these new charges.

Do you agree with Jacob Young, that Labour's new parking charges will have a negative impact on our High Streets and that the Council should reconsider their position?

Since 2019, the Government has recruited over 20,000 new police officers. Cleveland Police has 267 additional officers.

Which two issues would you like Cleveland Police to focus on?