New Traffic Calming Measures on Flatts Lane

Working with newly-elected Councillor Paul Salvin, I'm launching a petition to ask the Council to consider implementing new traffic calming measures at the top of Flatts Lane, near the Norman Conquest Pub.

For too long, local residents have had to deal with speeding vehicles flying up and down the road, despite the fact there's a Primary School in the area and it is marked as a '30 mph' zone (20mph during some school hours). When I've chatted with local people on the doorstep, its been made very clear to me and Councillor Salvin that there's a real desire to see improvements made to the road, in order to slow down traffic and make the area safer for pedestrians.

To show Redcar & Cleveland Council that this is something local people support, please sign our petition. Hopefully, with enough signatures, this will kick the Council into action on making the road safer for everyone.

Petition for Traffic Calming Measures on Flatts Lane

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